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WENDY LEA, Music Director         ALLEN CARL LARSON, Conductor Laureate
ANDREW PETERS, Assistant Conductor



The Metropolitan Orchestra of Saint Louis, now in it’s sixth season, has picked up the mantle of being the number one professional/educational orchestra in the city.

The mission of MOSL is to provide a high quality orchestral ensemble for St. Louis area musicians where professionals can hone their skills while mentoring student instrumentalists, vocational players and music teachers, and sharing the joys of playing great music. It is also a place to showcase new conductors of both genders and diverse ethnic backgrounds.

MOSL is composed of working St. Louis area
The Inaugural Concert of The Metropolitan Orchestra, September 30, 2012 at the Maplewood/Richmond Heights High School Theatre.


professional musicians, music teachers, and student musicians, who are seeking a venue to perform standard symphonic repertoire at a very high level. The diverse personnel of the orchestra allows seasoned professional musicians to continue sharpening their skills, while providing unique educational experiences for younger student musicians. Together, the unified ensemble fosters a cooperative learning environment in an artistic atmosphere that brings the joys of music making to the community through accessible and affordable public concerts. This season MOSL presents their four concert season of exceptional performances in the beautiful sanctuary of The First Presbyterian Church of Kirkwood.

FOUNDING COMMITTEE: Nancy Schick, Jason Harris, Ann Dolan, Nancy Summers, Wendy Lea and Allen Carl Larson


Art McDonnell, president

Richard Walter, vice president
Nancy Schick, secretary
Ann Dolan, treasurer
Ruth Ezell
Allen Hoffman
Arthur J. McDonnell

Steve Montgomery
Don Riehn
Ann Marie Ruhlin

Louise Cheli
Esley Hamilton
Zena Ilyashov
Tom Sudholt




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